Friday, June 29, 2012

Camping Part 2

Well, my update for Camping is here!

I'll start off saying that I really did enjoy it. Didn't miss having no electricity. We had running water, toilets and showers. Did that make a difference. YES

Lots of hikes and an afternoon at a beach made the weekend so relaxing. Lots of help, with over 40 of us there, so no one really did everything on their own.

We are considering going back, as well as buying a yearly pass. It gives us a discount on camping. They do have electric sites, but the group ones are not electric is all.

Why not check out Valens Conservation Area - we had a great time even without electricity!

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muhammad amir said...

The trip does not start well when Greg who is short for his age was told to bunk with the younger campers. motorhome rentals