Monday, April 02, 2012

Happily Ever After Ball

On Saturday I took my daughter to the Happily Ever After Ball

It was put on by a local lady and all proceeds were being donated to the Women’s Crisis Centre. (I did read on Sunday that they raised $1000)

My daughter was static to be able to go, and she had a blast. She is 6 and enjoyed every moment of it. She was fortunate to meet Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel as well as Cinderella

She put her name in for a couple door prizes and did a treasure hunt! They had dancing and they made masks as well as hunted for cinderella’s shoes.

Her favourite part was making a wish and writing it down to put into the wishing well! She loved her jelly beans she received as a thank you for coming!

I hope they put the event on again. I know that as every year passes they will only get better. From a 6 year olds perspective it was a really fun event!

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