Monday, January 23, 2012

Monster Jam

I didn't make it to the Monster Jam show in London at the John Labatt Centre. A headache prevented me from even enjoying it a little.

I sent my husband and daughter off with some of their friends and they had a great time. How do I know!? Well, walking into the house my daughter automatically started talking about it. Going on and on about the Canada Truck and how awesome that truck is! (Northern Nightmare)

The guys all loved how loud it was, although my daughter wearing the ear muff hearing protection still cupped her ears a few times as it was too loud for her.

I don't know if my daughter would go back to Monster Jam (although just as girl friendly as for boys, mine isn't a fan of loud) I do know that my husband and his friend had more than enough fun for her. Trucks standing on 2 wheels for extended lengths, the loudness and the crushing of things were enough for these 2 to become regular fans of the sport!

I want to thank and for the tickets. I didn't get to enjoy the show but they were appreciated nonetheless.

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